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Finding the Right Size with Men’s Shoes

Your feet are going to take plenty of wear and tear over the course of your life. Excessive walking or running can both cause foot problems, but sitting for too long can do the same. There’s only so much you can do for your feet, but the most important is getting a pair of men’s shoes that fit you well.

How can you find that perfectly fitting pair of men’s shoes? Follow the tips in this guide to make sure your next pair have a snug fit, without being too tight.

Measure Your Feet

Even if you think you know your shoe size, it’s better to actually measure your feet to double check. There are guys out there who wore men’s shoes that didn’t fit properly for years just because they “knew their size.”

The most common way to measure your feet is with a Brannock Device. Any shoe store will have one of these, or you could get one yourself.

Another option is to measure your feet with a tape measure. For an accurate measurement, you should stand on pieces of paper and draw an outline of each foot, and then measure that.

Your feet will be the biggest at the end of the day, which means that’s when you should measure them. If you have one foot that’s larger than the other, which is very common, go with the larger size. You should also go with the larger size if you’re between sizes.

Finding Your Shoe Size

Once you have the measurements for your feet, you can compare them to a shoe sizing chart to determine your size.

Keep in mind that different regions use different shoe sizing systems, and you should use a sizing conversion chart if you’re buying shoes from another country. For example, if you’re a size 12 in men’s shoes for the United States, you are likely a size 45 for men’s shoes in Europe.

However, England uses a sizing chart for men’s shoes similar to that of the United States, except its shoes run a bit larger. An 11 over there would correspond to an 11 ½ or 12 in the United States.

Ensuring Your Mens Shoes from Brand House Direct Fit Properly

There are a few things to check for when you try on a new pair of men’s shoes. At the end of the shoe, you want between 3/8 and ½ an inch of space between the end of the shoe and your longest toe. There should be enough space in the widest area of your shoe for the ball of your foot to be comfortable, without feeling constricted.

The shoe should fit snugly on your heel to prevent the shoe from slipping or riding while you walk.

Most importantly, you want men’s shoes that have a secure fit but don’t feel too tight, because they probably aren’t going to stretch to fit your feet.

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